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Blog# 35 My Favorite TV Shows

Hi Everyone, Most days I come home from work and right away I change my clothes to a more relaxing shorts and T-shirt. I kick off my shoes and go through the welcome home ritual with my puppy Amigo. After … Continue reading

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Blog #34 Happy Vacation Pappy

 Family Members: Grammy-my wife, Pappy-me, Claire-my oldest daughter, Phil-Claire’s husband, Annie-Claire’s newborn, Beth-Claire’s first born, Ella-my middle daughter, Amy-my youngest daughter. Hi Everyone, Recently Grammy and I took the whole clan west to Ruidoso, NM for vacation. We enjoyed the … Continue reading

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Blog# 33 Back to School

No one really appreciates Mom’s like we Dad’s. We watch you scurry from one retailer to the next with our kids in tow and know somehow little Johnny and little Susie will have at least 3-4 outfits to impress their … Continue reading

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