Blog# 47 Spring has Sprung

Hi Everyone,

It is that time of year again. The time when small insects fly about with colored wings. When baby birds sing from the newly hatched eggs and the squirrels run amuck in the trees. Its the time when the birds and bees do their thing while no one is looking. It is also the time when we gaze out our windows aimlessly in a daze and have fuzzy thoughts about our lives and futures. We allow ourselves to wonder in the spring. I wonder what others are going to do for their vacations, or I wonder what other friends are doing on such a fine beautiful day.

On such days as these when a coherent thought is seldom considered, and we are mesmerized by the sheer perfection of the temperature and the clear blue sky we must force ourselves to keep pushing onward at our jobs and daily activities. Hay fever can further complicate our mental malaise. We sneeze when the sun gets in our eyes and it provides a welcome release of our joy that’s kept within and followed with a smile of satisfaction. Sometimes we repeat the process several times like a kitten in the window.

Pappy pursues these lackadaisical expressions and embraces them with a certain fondness and appreciation. When we stare into a sunlit window there is a sense of self actualization.  We no longer fear the aging process and welcome what is to come, like a caterpillar ready to emerge from its cocoon welcoming the past and future. We are all renewed again, reborn, and have a sense of awe that we did as 4 year olds. We look at the world as through a prism of glass and see only the pretty colors of sliced light.

So prepare yourselves, all of you Pappy’s Planeteers for another gorgeous springtime of self absorption into a mood that finds you gazing lazily out of your window. I hope your thoughts drift far from reality to a place where you find your supernatural self. A place that you can’t share with anyone, but can only appreciate from within.

Exchange a dopey smile with a friend, while you let your mind float from that important task at work or school. We are here only once, allow yourself the moment.

Happy Spring!  Pappy


About Pappy

Hi, I am a guy living in suburbia Texas with a wonderful wife and family. There never seems to be a dull moment at Pappy's place but there is a lot of love and interesting stories. Every month or so I will try to blog but please be patient with me. I still have a day job. Pappy
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