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Hello there Everyone,

I, Pappy have recently read many articles about catastrophic events and tragic occurrences that could, would, or should possibly happen in the not too distant future based on historical or should I say hysterical findings. Most of us love to watch TV ala “Ancient Aliens”, “Through the Wormhole”, “Alien Sightings”, and “Biblical Prophesies”. While entertaining, most of these programs propose that only aliens, and/or some supernatural beings could have built the Pyramids, or could have constructed the Mayan Temples, or lifted stones weighing over a 100 tons on the Easter Islands.

I guess I’ll have to take a minute to review my Nostradamus book to determine what really happened all those many years ago. After all the scientists and engineers finish their what ifs, let ole Pappy take you down a slightly different path. Pappy’s perception of past planetary events stem entirely from just Pappy’s Planet only.

Take the Egyptians of past pyramidal days. Most of the experts say the stones had to be levitated by some alien lifeforms into their precarious positions. The stones meeting so precisely perfect that a piece of paper cannot be put between each stone due to an ancient laser. That’s pretty darned impressive stuff. What if the Egyptians merely turned the stones on their sides and walked them up ramps using ropes, tipping them back and forth, like a domino walking up a sheet of ply board. What if they had a day time crew and a night time crew that worked around the clock? What if they rounded the stones on the face and sanded them into place making them fit Pappy perfect?

Did the ancients make stone monuments that could tell time? Yes they probably did. Did some structures track the sun and moon and stars. Sure! Were they meant to be a nuclear reactors or landing pads for the aliens? Nope, no way! Most of the ancients were concerned about accurate calendars for growing food. I would guess there may not have been a lot to do in ancient spare time but to watch the stars with your girlfriend.

Has there ever been an extinction event in our planet’s past? Yes, but I would think it not too likely unless there was a meteor colliding with our planet, or a gravitational pull from a comet coming too close for comfort. No doubt the Mayan calendar will undoubtedly run out on Dec.21st 2012.  What should we do about it you say? Maybe we should build a pyramid and climb down to the bottom of it in case of sudden weightlessness and hopefully ride it out. Oh, and make sure you take some Lay’s Potato Chips and Diet Coke to tide you over.

How about all those Mayans that walked off into the woods one day and disappeared? Throughout all civilizations there have been regime changes, plagues, pestilence, and my personal favorite food and water shortages thereby making an area uninhabitable for a period of time. How about Marabunta from the old Charlton Heston movie in Africa?

Did Atlantis sink into the ocean? Did it sink into the Bermuda Triangle as a result of a wormhole? Did the Greek Gods actually walk the earth and Achilles slay Hector? It boggles the mind to contemplate all the what ifs we allow our minds to ponder. My biggest concern about all of the theories that they fall on a gullible public. We believe what we see and half of what we hear. If its on TV then it must have some truth to it. Right?

I believe there may be some intelligent lifeforms out there perhaps, but I don’t think they have been visiting us nor will they. Why would they want to mess with this small planet when there are millions out there like this one but totally uninhabited? If they have been here before it was for just a short period until they saw the downtown streets of Manhattan during rush hour.

Planetary alignment you say? Maybe, but polar shifts can happen from melting ice caps too. If we take a few moments to examine our own situation I think we may decide that the people are the ones that create Apocalypse these days. We are often times compared to cows out in the field chewing our cuds while the tornado comes along and tips us over. “Apocalypse Cow!”

Pappy’s Planet has been spinning around for quite awhile now and I believe only God knows when it will end. Until then, let’s come up with some more sitcoms like “Everyone Loves Raymond” and “Cheers” to keep us entertained instead of doomsday tales. Most faiths have a Bible like mine that describes the end, but lets take our time with it. Instead, I propose a moratorium on tragic tales, unpleasant prophesy, and all of Pappy’s Planetary prevarications.

Let’s just have a pleasant Pappy’s Planet and a fun filled Fourth of July!              Pappy


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