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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone ever had a loved one pass away and there be a huge fight over the estate?  Its usually not the one you think it will be. Over the last 25 years I have seen many such fights where spouses turn on each other, brother against brother and it soon becomes a free for all. Is it the money? Is it about power or greed? Or  is it just plain ole jealousy and envy.

We humans are complex predatory creatures. We love the ones we pick apart. We hate those that try to pick on someone that you Yourself pick on. Wait a minute that’s my bitch! lol. If we looked at things from a certain perspective I am sure we would all find our emotional center but its so hard when we are having so much fun with the drama. Yes, its true, we love to have our tiffs, dig in our heels and be stubborn. It can feel better than the emotions of “like” or “greed” . Maybe I should rank the coolest feelings to have:

1.Love 2. Hate 3. Stubborn  4.Envy 5. Like etc..

Remember that movie with Michael Douglas when he says, “Do you know what you get when you have a multi-millionaire? Ans. “A frustrated billionaire! Like he said in Wall Street 1 “its a zero sum game, nobody wins, nobody loses, funds are merely transferred from one account to another.” Such is the case now days with estate settlements.

So when is it time to “Go to the mattresses?” When do we “Make someone an offer they can’t refuse. “Badda Bing!” Nobody knows when the next feud may spring up. Which friend ,loved one, or stranger will be first to pull the knife, the gun or even worse, the dreaded attorney? Pappy’s Predatory Planet!

Most of us love our blissful lives of low stress and family love absent of drama. We pretend that it will always be that way. There will never be another disagreement and we will live happily ever after. As a fellow student of human nature, I have witnessed folks turn into animals when it comes to money. There’s the rat, who tells everyone on you. There’s the wolf who will tear you to shreds and loves to attack in a pack, then there’s the alligator who works alone and will surprise you being quick and lethal. Yes, in the jungle of life on Pappy’s Planet there are many such creatures. Do any of these remind you of yourself or a loved one?

Most Family’s or groups have a pecking order. Where do you belong in that order? Are you “The Godfather”?, The Matron?, or The Doormat? Do you prefer the offense, the defense, or just plain being on the fence? Its fun to be able to ride the fence watching others go at it. Few actually play offense while most of us are content being defensive. How do you respond when being attacked? Do you assume the position, fight back or pretend you didn’t see it?

Yes, on Pappy’s Planet we have an evolved social order. First it was the dinosaurs with the plant eaters, then the meat eaters, and finally T-Rex the King.  Then the meteor hits and it all starts again with mammals. So, we do come from a stout “Natural Selection” process that breeds survival instincts. Man is a creature that adapts to the situation and becomes whatever is needed to survive. Therefore, all the animals in the jungle are mimicked by man.

Charles Darwin would be proud of his evolutionary work today (published in 1859), if he could see the level of adaptation man has acheived, even against himself.  I think he might suggest that the attorneys are the new T-Rex’s. There is also the dreaded Politician/Attorney which is the highest form of predator on today’s Pappy’s Planet. Yes, this dangerous species can eat you alive with taxation, deprive you of your freedom, and even create wars that last for years.

Avoidance of conflict is the best answer you say? Stay clear of the fray? Pappy’s position is like most of you, do what you have to in order to survive. Truth is you can’t always avoid a fray, sometimes you have to do the unthinkable and be offensive. Be careful out there fellow Pappy Planetarians because after all, it is an election year and the Politician/Attorney Erectus is roaming the countryside.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite predator!                       Pappy



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