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Hello Everyone,

Ever had one of those months that seem like life has been condensed into a short period? Its like so much is going on at once that it is impossible to get your head around all of the developing stories in your life. Pappy’s Pad has been abuzz with such activity. We have had ailments, sickness, and unwanted change. We have seen many world changing events such as elections, (if you pay attention to such trivial matters), the start of football season, Fantasy Football, and of course the baseball playoffs being finalized. We have to deal with school, work, and the bills. (Don’t forget the new I-5 for the ole Christmas sock!) We have to deal with QE and oh yes the end of the world in December of this year. So, there is some stuff on Pappy’s plate.

Let’s take one subject at a time. First there’s our family’s health issues. Cancer and tumors and stints , oh my!! We have had all three with a caveat of memory problems and bipolar issues intermixed. We are “An American Family!” We have had relatives passing and at the same time, catching hell from other relatives.

There is nothing like action packed text messages from your loved ones. They say you always hurt the ones you love and now I am beginning to understand it. We have gotten some very interesting messages whereby certain adverbs and descriptive phraseology has been used very creatively. Being a blogger, I can certainly appreciate a well turned inappropriate sentence fragment or two. Most of the colorful grammar comes from pressure being applied to us as we age. Our parents illnesses now affect us, “the kids”.  When we kids are affected there is stress and our lives are put upon. Children of parents become parents of children. Nothing like turning the world on its end, like a upside down shaken snow-globe.

Our parents have real issues. Issues of the heart. No, the “Actual Heart”. They require hospital stays that can last for weeks and who gets to watch over this daily process? There is no planning for health emergencies, you can only react to them. We do what we must do. These parents of ours raised us. They sheltered and fed us. They bought us clothes and toys and took us on vacations. Now, its Payback time!

In the midst of care-taking our daily lives do not stop. We coordinate with family, friends, jobs and doctors. We still have to live our lives without dropping a single ball. Yeah right! We are unable to give the same time to our own kids which causes more stress at home, we aren’t as able to do our jobs, causing stress at work, and of course our own internal stress affects everyone around us.

And, there is the end of the world in December too. That will have to keep. I’m busy on that day. But whatever you do, no matter how busy or poor or troubled, no matter if the bills get paid or the IRS is at your door make sure to pick up your new I-5 Apple Phone. After all we must communicate. We must text, we must email, and we must string adjectives and adverbs together when we become upset with each other over all of the above.

Stop! Wait a minute! We are free beings able to elect to do things not for ourselves but out of love for each other. A remarkable concept that all must remember when “you know what” hits the Proverbial Pappy-fan. These are the times when our hearts must step up and remember what and why we are here to begin with. Maybe I wasn’t put here just to text and email and work. Maybe I wasn’t put here merely to raise my kids or pay my bills. Maybe I am here to serve others starting with my own family.

Its true these works of love and caring are not without punishment. These near term punishments lead to personal growth for ourselves and those around us. We realize during these moments why we are here. To know that we are needed and that the world can stop for a few minutes to be with your family when there is an ailment.

Pappy praises those who do these selfless acts of care-giving for their family and loved ones. During these selfless acts we do in fact find ourselves. So, I say “Pappy let me introduce you to the new Pappy.” Roll up your sleeves fellow baby boomers, our time is here. So, Chekhov you have the com, Zulu give me Warp speed! Fellow Boomers do your Service Work from your hearts and your lives will be enriched. Engage!

Happy Fall Everyone!                      Pappy


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Hi, I am a guy living in suburbia Texas with a wonderful wife and family. There never seems to be a dull moment at Pappy's place but there is a lot of love and interesting stories. Every month or so I will try to blog but please be patient with me. I still have a day job. Pappy
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