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Most weekends there are several choices one could make, living in the Texas area to recreate. This weekend is no different except for one main thing, “The Great State Fair of Texas” is open! I, Pappy took the whole clan to the fair yesterday and enjoyed an amazing experience that enlivened the human condition and titillated the senses. A annual fair goer, even I was surprised by the choices and experiences to enjoy.

We arrived at about noon after parking, $10.00. We walked across the street to the grounds an purchased 4 tickets for $68. We immediately went to the motor chair place for Ella my middle daughter, 26, who was having back pain and leased a motorized chair, $45. Off to Big Tex where the primary Fletcher’s Corny Dog stand. We purchased 4 dogs and 4 beverages, $50. You get the idea. The rest of the day was just like the beginning.

This year we did as always, hit the Midway right off the bat. Amy rode swings and huge rides that inverted and flipped her very person at altitudes that astronauts would not want to partake. She was spun and twisted, she was flipped and jerked. Average ride cost is $5-7 each.

After the Midway we strolled over to the “Juicy’s” hamburger and Turkey Leg stand where we continued our caloric intake. I had a cheeseburger and part of a Turkey Leg with a water. $20. After filling the tank again we were of to the “Spirit of the Horse” exhibit. That was a really terrific surprise. The Primary Cowboy was a very savvy guy which knew things about riding that have occurred to ole Pappy and probably even a few sage ranch hands. Amy and Ella love horses and were enthralled. I highly suggest giving this a try if possible.

Around the corner from the horse show was a cow milking exhibit were they show you how to milk a cow and how much milk a cow can produce per milking. They also had fliers about what a cows milk has in it in terms of vitamins and what products the milk makes for us. Up the way about 50 feet or so was the Police Horse stalls. Wow, what big horses they have.

Later in the day we saw the Police riding down the middle of the street on horseback. This pretentious show was to let everyone know that they are safe and better darned well behave. Message received! Another similar safety message came with the outstanding marching band of the U.S. Marine Corps.. Armed with merely tubas and bass drums, and a variety of horns I felt much safer suddenly. Funny how a entire Marine company can make you feel that way.

On to the Auto Show we toured. There were really cool Toyota Prius “V”s, and Amy loved the small black sleek Hyundai sport car. Stopping only for grand-baby souvenirs we made over to the Dodge, Chevy and Ford building. What is it about Mustang convertibles? I have several shots of Nana, Amy and I pretending that we were racing down the highway in our newly purchased street rods.

Passing Big Tex again, (Pappy waving at him) we took our annual tour of the Women’s Bldg. and as always looked at the hot tubs and the beds. We saw cooking and sewing. We saw artists and ate fudge. Ooh that Woman’s Bldg. <sigh>.

On the other side of the Woman’s Bldg. there is a food court that is irresistible. We fell prey to our second corny dogs of the day and had a “Blooming Onion”. It was the best! You must have one. Amy was ency and we had to take her for more rides immediately or she would have had a skin rash. This time she rode rides in the dark at about 9pm. She and Ella played Midway games, while Nana and I ate funnel cake.

By 10:30pm we decided to head back to the truck. We checked in our scooter and walked across a well patroled street to our parking place. We had walked about 4-5 miles by then and we were tired. It was the good kind of tired. This kind of tired made you look into the faces of all who went and realized they did all they came to do. The played, they ate, and they were thoroughly entertained and now they were happy to go home.

Thank you Fair People for making Pappy’s Clan so happy! We’ll see you again next year Big Tex!                      Pappy


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