Fantasy Football’s Greatest Moments

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In the history of mankind and throughout our brief thousands of years here on Pappy’s Planet there has finally evolved a real Man’s Game! A game that offers we armchair quarterbacks the true gut emotions of winning and losing each week. A game that changes through the season and holds our attention even when the home team loses. No, not Baseball or Hockey, not Basketball or Golf, but something much more meaningful, something that mankind can count on each week. Yes, sports fans you know where I am going with this..A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALLAXY FAR FAR AWAY..CAME FANTASY FOOTBALL!

We guys and gals have learned to enjoy this game equally and the trash talk that comes with it each and every work day until finally the weekend comes and we man our recliners. We have Studs and Duds on our teams, not ball players. We have players “GO OFF” weekly versus perform well. And don’t forget the word combinations, ‘A STUD GOING OFF’. Its almost as good as sex and much more frequent!

We go to the bar and laugh at each other’s teams, players that we have chosen that went off and but were carried off the field a week later. “There was always week 3” says one guy, and the other guy says “You have to live in the past when the present sucks”! Then there are trades that should have never have been made that has sent some teams to infamy and others to the Pour House.

To be a Fantasy Stud you have to watch 4 games at a time on the weekends, or at very least subscribe to Redzone. You may also be a Fantasy Football Lover if you Monopolize the TV from 12 noon Sunday until 10pm that night. You may be a Fantasy Player if have your cell phone needs recharging during half time. You may be a fantasy fan if you monitor all those games that aren’t available on TV through the Internet while cursing each other’s players as they out point yours.

Yes, Pappy has discovered this fine, fine game this year and I Like It! Now about once a week we guys go out to eat courtesy of the biggest loser of our group. We treat the loser, or the buyer, depending on your perspective with the great dignity of that afforded to fallen gladiator who was given the thumbs down from the Fantasy Gods. We eat the loser’s lunch as if we will never be the buyer again. Somehow that $10 lunch always tastes better than our other lunches throughout the week.

There are now ladies who play the game but seldom go to the sport bars with we guys. We exaggerate our fantasy capabilities as our adrenaline is running as much as any middle linebacker on Sundays Game of the Week. Win or Lose, we don’t care, the question is did our our team go off that week. Did our Studs live up to their reps? All that matters is if you are at the top of the Pyramid. One point is as good as a mile.

We dance in our living rooms holding up our arms like Rocky and celebrate a victory all week long. We eat lunch free and have bragging rights. Pappy has had a lot of fun this year as you can tell. For some reason I have never played this game before and am making up for it.

My team is really packed and stacked and all that now after a trade I made this week and I have a real shot at the goal line or playoffs. I can smell it. It starts again this Thanksgiving Thursday. We have the Cowboys versus the Indians. “Ride Em Cowboys! Yeehaa! But either way, win or lose its all about the points. Running Backs get a point every 10 yards, 6 points a touchdown and 1 point for each reception. Our computer programs keep track and sometimes we even get involved in the game flow itself.

You local College Football Fans will love the Frogs and The Horns this week, but there’s nothing like the pro-ball players racking up the points in Fantasy land. We Fantasy Players get to be the Owners, the GM’s and the Coaches of our very own Fantasy Club with full privileges of drafting, dropping, or trading. Our egos rise and fall with Fantasy scores like hot air ballons and deflate like a Tom Brady football.

No horseshoes or badminton for this ole Pappy. Give me the excitement of a Sunday afternoon at every stadium in the country simultaneously with all my  league members looking on. For 10 hours we are playing “The Game.”                           Pappy

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