Blog #36 When It Never Rains, It Pours

Family Members: Grammy-my wife, Pappy-me, Claire-my oldest daughter, Phil-Claire’s husband, Annie-Claire’s newborn, Beth-Claire’s first born, Ella-my middle daughter, Amy-my youngest daughter.

Hello Everyone,

As a resident of the great state of Texas, we have seen unusually dry hot weather lately. Let me rephrase, it’s been dry as the Sahara, with temperatures reaching the 108-112 degree range with no rain now for about 2-3 months. The lakes are dry, the ponds are stagnant, the plants and grass are all parched. Wildfires have plagued the countryside and many have lost their homes. This weather trend can also reflect other things that go on in our lives that have some similarities. Why is it that when tough times hit, they hit all at once? When the going gets tough, things seem to fall into ruin. Plague, pestilence and poverty, the “Three P’s” were at their best this weekend!

We all experience sickness now and then but lately, my family has given new meaning to the word. Ella has come down with the asthma attacks and bronchitis from the dusty, dry climate, while Amy has been ill with bestfrienditis all weekend. She and her friend must be kept in picture show money and shopping money to deliver them from boredom. My oldest daughter’s kids, my grand-kids, have been at our home for three of four days over the Labor Day weekend while our Aunt Bertha is staying at our home recovering from a knee replacement. Grammy does a fabulous job keeping up with Aunt Bertha, but when you couple all the grand-kids care with it, it gets a little dicey.

Pappy’s patience was tried all weekend long with seemingly thankless kids and grand-kids, as well as unending health issues taking their proper place at Pappy’s pad. As the weekend progressed, interesting downturns kept us on our toes. Phil, my son in law accidentally broke his right hand on Saturday morning trying to stop Beth, my granddaughter, from falling off their bed. His broken hand had to be snapped back into place before applying a temporary soft cast. This had Pappy and Grammy keeping our two granddaughters most of the Labor Day weekend, especially since Claire had to work leaving Phil with his broken hand to mind them.

Our Aunt Bertha was discharged on Friday from a rehabilitation facility after undergoing a knee replacement. Grammy helps Aunt Bertha to recover at our home normally since we are so close to her. Grammy ordered her hospital rental bed out the day she left, but so far we have not received a bed leaving Aunt B without a hospital-like bed to recover in temporarily. Between all the nurses and occupational and physical therapists at out home this weekend, it felt like we were living a script from Grey’s Anatomy.  

The phones rang all weekend with the promise of the nurse’s comings and goings as Grammy worried over the timing of the potential bed’s arrival perhaps today? Grammy in her efforts to get Aunt B a bed got cross-ways with the attending phone lady at the bed rental business and so we had no hospital bed all weekend long. And so went our weekend.

Pappy’s profound proverbs reads: “Thou shalt not get down in the mouth over little things! And its All little things!” Due to this proverb, I focused on what we all should. We are lucky to live in a country that has great health care and state of the art nursing and rehab facilities. My son in law Phil is so lucky to have a doctor that could snap his hand bone back into place and cast him. Grammy and I are lucky that we have these fine family members to care for and that they will turn to us when in need. Our grand-kids are the cutest little girls in the wholest world and we are blessed to spend time with them whenever possible, especially on holidays.

These are the days of our lives and we should make the very best of them. Our family and kids will remember the care we gave them and pass it on to others. Grammy and I are pleased to do for them in the best way possible and look upon it as a blessing for us to be able to do so. Its so easy to fall into the “poor me” syndrome when things go wrong. It makes me all the more appreciative when times are good. How you perceive things is everything. Have a great week everyone and remember when the “Three P’s come to your home or when it starts raining again some day, use an umbrella.           Pappy

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